Farmap industry was born about 20 years ago by dad Claudio, who decided to try his hand at an entrepreneurial adventure in the industrial production sector, to take advantage of the experience acquired over years of sales in the Gardening sector.

The company grows rapidly, initially expanding nationally by entering large-scale distribution through big companies. With the help of his son Antonio, who returned from a fruitful experience in the United States, FarmaP internationalized, always keeping an eye on market developments, ranging from the need to produce natural, that impact a market growing double digits annually.

The result is a growing leadership, made up of skills, Research & Development but also trust of "Family", affection and dedication to the home business.

Italy once was made with families. Farmap believes in it.


Most of our team started with us!

Through continuous training and daily confrontation, we can count on the incredible contribution that our operators provide on time, and whose suggestions are invaluable in helping us grow.

The new generations, however, have brought further innovation and enthusiasm, favoring the company's digitalisation process, which is fundamental for the challenges of tomorrow.


Sharing success is our only inspiration. We are next to our Customer, never in front, since his success is our success, our continuity, our true possibility to reinvest in what the market believes in.

We want to create with the Customer, that virtuous circle that allows us to always make new opportunities available to those who choose us, providing value in the present he future.


We have always worked in concert with the client companies, in order to build together the product lines that are most organic to their Mission, their Customers, their Representatives; from these collaborations, which have made us grow, we have refined the following services:

360 degree private label production, from graphics to packaging

Our own brand production, ready for the market But not directly...

Supply of raw materials for large quantities


Our Partners are historical. Since the beginning for almost twenty years, they have grown with us. They are essentially divided into two clusters: physical distribution with large commercial groups that serve the most widespread large-scale retail trade in Italy, and online distribution, companies that have understood better than others how to capture the attention of the end customer through packaging and promotion. Typical of the Internet.

We are happy to still be able to count them among our customers, because growing together with them is one of the best things that has happened to us: we keep pace together, in a daily comparison that shares critical issues but above all market opportunities, choosing together the solution to adopt.


As the quantity and quality of products is constantly evolv- ing, we need to further automate the company; in the repellent sector, in the Pet market and in the Horse world,

We have already taken the first steps in this direction: aware that there is no going back, we modernize our com- pany continuously to keep up with the needs of the market, equipping ourselves with innovative machineries but at the same time training our staff for new challenges.

The only thing that doesn't change it's the change...


GARDENING: we take care of it from the beginning. We use the essential elements of natural, eco-sustainable, effective, safe and harmless barriers for the environment. The range is very wide: it goes from classic repellen tsfor dogs & cats to those for wild boars, insects, horses, geckos: in short any animal you want to “naturally” keep away from what we want to preserve, we create a eco-sustainable, effective but safe barrier. We also produce an entire line of Strengtheners: we treat plants in a natural way, from nature to nature, without the use of chemicals.

PET CARE: we have multiple Beauty Routine lines for pets, both Basic and Luxury, made of 100% natural products, also in recycled and recyclable packaging, which make the hygiene of our 4-legged friends delicate, safe and effective. The catalog ranges from shampoo to sunscreen, from conditioner to anti-smog lotion for a "city dog”, representing a truly unparalleled breadth..

HORSE CARE: our Horse lines combine the effectiveness of classic and most used products such as shampoo/insect barrier, with the absolute novelty constituted for example by Arnica Spot-On; the breadth of the catalog makes it clear that research & development in Farmap is at the center of our perspective. The market asks us to do so.



Via Nazionale, 66
65012 Cepagatti (PE)

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